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Daemen College's Students Without Borders (SWOB)

Students Without Borders is a non-profit organization founded and comprised of a small group of Daemen College students and faculty. As a humanitarian organization our energies are expended to local, national and international communities through various projects that we take on.

Locally we have had the benefit of working with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Highway, St. Vincent de Paul's soup kitchen, as well as providing help at heath fairs in the Buffalo areas. This year our group has especially taken part in helping to educate a local Buffalo community on healthcare issues. Nationally we have provided our services to organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation.

Internationally, we serve the community of Progreso Dos, in the Dominican Republic by annually visiting the village and providing free medical care. The small village is only comprised of a couple hundred families but hundreds travel to Progreso Dos to benefit from our services. Annually we serve about 600 people in five days. There has been a consistent group of licensed practitioners that have traveled along with SWOB and have testified that the community has improved year to year since we have been providing medical care. This was possible due to monetary donations and supplies generously given by supporters like you.

Every year Students Without Borders organize projects and events to fundraise near $40,000. Portions of our fundraising are contributed to our local community, yet most of the funds are necessary to purchase supplies and medications needed by those in the Dominican Republic. Along with all these efforts, those traveling to the Dominican Republic are required to pay for their own travel and room and board to ensure all our fundraising goes to those underserved.

Each year, with each visit, hearts and minds grow; new goals are formed and are attained through our determination, but not without the support of our own community. Any and all donations to the greater endeavor make a difference to this small Dominican Republic community. Your support will not go unappreciated or overlooked.

Daemen College PA students travel to the Dominican Republic every January to provide a free medical clinic to a region that otherwise is overlooked and under-served medically. SWOB is in desperate need of medical supplies for the clinic this year.

They are in need of your support to help with their upcoming mission and are looking for donations of medical goods. They can accept unused samples that are in many offices throughout the area. At the bottom of this email is a list of medical supplies and miscellaneous toiletries that would be a huge assistance to the organization.

Donations can be brought to any WNYPAA meeting for drop off or you can email the current president to arrange for a pickup: shelby.exford@daemen.edu

Please look through your supply closets and see what you can spare to help make their mission a success! Or ask any of the reps if they have any donations to help out since they sometimes have band aids, alcohol wipes, gloves and other items that might be useful.

***Students Without Border - Dominican Republic Medication and Supply List***

  • Monetary donations for the clinic/medications in the DR
  • Vitamins (children's, prenatal, and regular)
  • OTC analgesics, aspirin
  • Summer clothing, especially in children's sizes
  • Lightly used sneakers, summer footwear
  • Reading glasses
  • Coloring books, small packs of crayons/markers/etc., kids' toys
  • Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, etc.--travel sizes welcomed too!)
  • Small, Ziploc snack-size baggies (for distributing pills)
  • Nitrile exam gloves
  • Otoscope tips, tongue depressors
  • Gauze (3x3s, 4x4s -- anything really)
  • Dressing tape, bandages
  • Drapings for GYN exams
  • Specula for GYN exams
  • Pregnancy tests (such as those from the dollar store)
  • Condoms (we usually contact lifestyles for a donation, but if someone else has a connection to get bulk condoms, that would be extremely helpful too)

Contact Information for 2017-2018:


President: Madison Keogan (madison.keogan@daemen.edu)
Vice President: Matthew Cordovani (matthew.cordovani@daemen.edu)
Fundraising Coordinator: Vincent DeRienzo (vincent.derienzo@daemen.edu)
Travel Coordinator: Meaghan Piegay (meaghan.piegay@daemen.edu)
Treasurer: Samantha Brader (samantha.brader@daemen.edu)
Secretary: Nicholas Bossert (nicholas.bossert@daemen.edu)


updated 12/2017