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Daemen College's Students Without Borders (SWOB)

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 Daemen College's Students Without Borders (SWOB) program is a non-profit humanitarian organization composed of and directed by physician assistant students. As members of this club, we serve the Western New York community by actively supporting the local Ronald McDonald House, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Wings Flights of Hope, Harvest House, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Most notably, each year we travel to a small disadvantaged village in the Dominican Republic to host a five-day free healthcare clinic.

Since 2001, members of SWOB, accompanied by licensed medical practitioners, have improved the health and well-being of several thousand underprivileged individuals throughout the Dominican Republic. Not only do we provide free medical care, but we also supply villagers with various resources such as clothes, shoes, sunglasses, food, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. To accomplish our mission, we organize numerous fundraising events throughout the year; however, we also greatly rely on the generous contributions from individuals, local businesses, and larger corporations. Furthermore, to ensure that all fundraising efforts benefit those of the Dominican Republic, each participant of the trip funds his or her own travel and lodging expenses.

Expenses include medications purchased in both the U.S. and the Dominican Republic, transportation in the Dominican Republic via a coach bus from the airport and six 12-passenger vans for daily use, gas for the vans, phones for contact between officers and practitioners while in the Dominican Republic, translators for the clinic setting, rice and beans, which we give to the patients throughout the week, and medical supplies for the clinic including gloves, gauze, spacers, glucometers, specula, prescription packaging, curtains, hand sanitizer, tongue depressors, and more. Approximately $20,000 (not including donated supplies) is required to facilitate this trip. Personal expenses, such as airfare and hotel, are fundraised individually to ensure that all fundraising efforts benefit those we serve. Individuals must fundraise approximately $1,500 for personal expenses. As a group, we fundraise throughout the year to cover the trip's expenses (as outlined above). Fundraising events include 50/50 raffles at the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bandits games, a Moe's Southwest Grill night, SkyZone, Delta Sonic ticket sales, fundraising dinners, raffles, and more. Additionally, we gratefully accept donations from many local supporters.

Trip participants include approximately eight licensed medical practitioners, forty physician assistant students (varying in program completion status), and occasionally a few physical therapy students in their second didactic year. In order to qualify for the trip, students must complete what we refer to as "SWOB hours", which are volunteer hours for local charity, fundraisers for the trip, and more. These hours help encourage the students to be active in the community and in the club. At both the clinic and the orphanage, the care provided by students is directly supervised by licensed physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists. Generally, 350 to 600 patients receive care during each of these mission trips. Due to the language barrier observed on these trips to the Dominican Republic, we are proud to treat this number of patients. Additionally, to efficiently purchase medications and supplies for the following years, we have begun recording each patient seen with a medical note, and we are currently in the process of interpreting the information that we have gathered regarding common diagnoses, medications, and supplies given to patients.

Please visit the SWOB website at www.daemenswob.com to learn more. Feel free to contact one of the SWOB officers to make a monetary or non-monetary donation - Thank you in advance!





***Students Without Border - Dominican Republic Medication and Supply List***

  • Possible non-monetary donations:

    ·        Hats and sunglasses

    ·        Warm-weather clothes (gently used)

    ·        Shoes and sandals (gently used)

    ·        Reading glasses

    ·        Toiletries (travel-sized, if appropriate)

    o  Head & Shoulders shampoo

    o  Deodorant

    o  Soap

    o  Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash

    ·        Diapers and diaper rash cream

    ·        Pads

    ·        Toys, games, coloring books and markers/crayons, etc.

    ·        OTC medications

    o  Analgesics (acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, NSAIDs)

    o  Antacids (Tums)

    o  Antihistamines (Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec)

    o  Cetaphil and eczema lotion

    o  Cold & Flu medications

    o  Eye drops

    o  Imodium

    o  Milk of magnesia

    o  Nasal saline

    o  Neosporin

    o  Pepto-Bismol

    o  Vicks Vapor Rub

    ·        Vitamins and supplements

    o  Child and adult multivitamins

    o  Cranberry supplements

    o  Iron supplements

    o  Metamucil

    o  Prenatal vitamins especially

    ·        First aid supplies

    o  Alcohol wipes

    o  Dressing tape, bandages, gauze

    o  Nitrile exam gloves

    ·        Empty pill bottles for distributing medications

    ·        Reusable tote bags for distribution of other supplies

    ·        Otoscope tips

    ·        Tongue depressors

    ·        Pregnancy tests

    ·        Condoms

    ·        Orthopedic braces (for wrists, knees, ankles, backs, etc.)

    ·        Point of care laboratory equipment:

    o  Hemoglobin/Hematocrit analyzers

    o  HgbA1C testing equipment

    o  Guaiac fecal occult blood tests (gFOBT)

    o  Urinalysis test strips

    o  Portable ultrasound machine

Contact Information for 2019:

President: Daniel Ferreri ([email protected])

Vice President: Rachel Head ([email protected])

Treasurer: Jesslyn Weber ([email protected])

Secretary: Sydney Saccone ([email protected])

Fundraising Coordinator: Katelyn Szymkowski ([email protected])

Travel Coordinator: Lauren Szymanski ([email protected])