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New York State Society of Physician Assistants District D 

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WNYPAA members,

NYSSPA works behind the scene daily for the welfare of our profession. We would not be practicing under such liberal laws if it were not for our many representatives and lobbyists. In NY State our profession has excelled over the past several years to have abolished the counter signature, Schedule ll laws and the ability to sign death certificates, with NYSSPA's efforts.

For $170, help NYSSPA continue to secure and advance the practice environment for PAs. Protect your future! Protect your career! Enhance the care you can provide to patients! 

Donna Anderson PA-C

[email protected]

NYSSPA District D Director 

Upcoming Events:

NYSSPA Lobby Day 2019 is in Albany on April 8th

You and many of your colleagues in the Western NY region work with physicians who are leaders in their respective state associations and support the ability of PAs in NYS to work at the top of their licenses. We are reaching out to engage all WNY PAs to help in the process.  There is no experience necessary as NYSSPA will hold a meeting before before heading to the Legislators offices so attendees know what our Bills are, who we will be meeting with, etc.   

If you have first degree contacts with NYS Legislators they would be invaluable as well. If you wish to be involved as an attendee or have contacts you think would be beneficial please contact [email protected] and Donna will put you in contact with the president of NYSSPA. 


Member support has allowed the NYSSPA to accomplish the following:

• Successful lobbying for and passage of the Re-statement of Physician Assistant Practice Act
• Successfully lobbied for the legislative removal of the 24-hour Countersignature Requirement for PAs
• Secured DEA Licensure for the PA privilege to prescribe Schedule II-V Medications
• Protected Physician Assistants’ rights to First Assist in surgery
• Obtained Licensure for Physician Assistants from the Department of Education
• Awarded over $60,000 in PA student scholarships over the past decade
• Supported appointment of a PA Representative on the board of the OPMC

Upcoming Bills:



Key Points of Bill 


Senator Rivera 

Assemblyman Gottfried 


AAPA Advocacy Action Center


Letter of Support Rivera 

Letter of Support Gottfried 






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