WNYPAA | P.O. Box 471 | Williamsville, NY 14231


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Board of Directors

President: Mallory Edwards, PA-C [president@wnypaa.org]

Past President, Member at Large: Danielle Johnston, PA-C [daniellejohnston516@gmail.com]

Vice President: Donna Anderson, PA-C [dhall@chsbuffalo.org]

Secretary/Scholarship: Katherine Sumner, PA-C [secretary@wnypaa.org]

Treasurer: Laura Pfalzgraf PA-C [treasurer@wnypaa.org]

Member at Large: Sue Nichter, PA-C [snichter@buffalomedicalgroup.com]

Job Posting: Karyanne Cox, PA-C [kcox@daemen.edu]

CME: Greg Czajka, PA-C [cme@wnypaa.org]

Student Director: Miles Sumner, PA-C [sumnmd99@yahoo.com]

Student Members at Large 2017-2018

Daemen College: Jaclyn Ketcham

D'Youville College: Kourtney Waggoner

To RSVP for WNYPAA dinner events: [secretary@wnypaa.org]

Mailing Address

Address: P.O. Box 471, Williamsville, NY 14231