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2020 Season


My WNYPAA family,

2020 has been a year of constant change and adaptation for us as students, PAs, parents and citizens.  I know many of us have been affected emotionally, socially and financially with changes in our jobs, schools and just our everyday lives; But so many individuals and families have been truly devastated by COVID’s effects. It’s time for us to work together to help provide a couple families with some love, support and hope this holiday season. 

Best Self Behavioral Health (formerly Child and Adolescent Treatment services –CATS) has chosen two VERY special families (12 individuals in all) in need of our assistance.  Below please find their wish lists (note: most things on the list are basic needs NOT wants).  Please consider participating in some way – whether you give cash (which I will use to buy something off the list), a gift card  (walmart, tops, aldis, target), select a person off the list just one or two items (or buy all the items for that person), your participation is needed.

As soon as you decide what you would like to buy please email me ([email protected]) and let me know so I can take the item(s) off the list to avoid confusion and duplicate gifts.

Gifts Due: Saturday, December 12 in order to get them organized for pickup. 

Gifts can be wrapped or unwrapped but Require a label (ex. Family #1, Girl Age 12)

Drop Off: Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:00pm at either Healthworks locations

2075 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda or

1900 Ridge Road, west Seneca (in Aldis plaza). 


Please contact me at any time with questions. (email- [email protected] or text/call 716-432-3694.  Also if you want to mail gift cards please contact me for my home address).

THANK YOU and we wish you a very happy, healthy & safe holiday season.

Julie Teprovich & The WNYPAA Board 


Adopt-A-Family #1

*Walmart Gift Cards (for the family)

Girl age 10

Roblox giftcard

mystery plush boxes


Boy age 15

shark house shoes

Clothing size: adult (mens) medium

shoe size: adult (mens) 8 1/2


Boy age 18

playing cards

Marvel/DC super hero toys, clothes, games (etc)

house shoes featuring super heroes

Clothing size: adult (mens) large

shoe size: adult (mens) 8 1/2




Nightgown-  adult (womens)medium



Adopt a Family #2

Girl  age 17

Gift card American Eagle (needs new jeans but doesn’t know size- possibly medium)

has a *playstation,

Has 2 guinea pigs - loves to buys stuff for them - PetSmart Giftcard

Likes to dye her hair -Sally's Giftcard

likes knee high socks with silly size medium or size 7/cute animals or drawings on them,


Female age 69  

likes leggings in women’s large.


Female age 21

sweat pants and sweaters, wears women’s medium (likes dogs)


Male age 15

has *playstation,

likes wearing hoodies (Wears men’s XL)


Male age 18

has *playstation

likes sweat pants, hoodies, needs t-shirts, (wears men’s medium)


Male age 23

has a *playstation,

needs socks, hoodies, sweat pants, (wears men’s medium).


Female age 59

loves hard candy,

needs pajamas (wears women’s large)



Household Items:

Walmart and Target Gift Cards

**Family has PS4 - they like shooting games, war games, vice city, call of duty, etc