WNYPAA | P.O. Box 471 | Williamsville, NY 14231



Each members should attend at least 6 of the 12 meetings.

All members are expected to keep the google drive current and organized.

We ask you to keep a "guide" for your position which may include common contacts, shortcuts, helpful hints, usernames and passwords in order to make position trade off to your predacessor a smoother transition. 

Each Term is 2 years long August- August. Next elections will be April 2022 for 2022-2024 term. If you are intersted in self-nomination please send an email to [email protected] March 2022 with your desired position, resume/CV, and a few sentaces about yourself and why you think you will be a good fit for that position. In April 2020 a survey with your statement will be sent out the members to vote.


 We will accept nominations for all positions. 



Specific Board Responsibilities: 


  1. Ensure all members of the Board of Directors understand their jobs to be able to fulfill duties

  2. Recruit new members to leadership roles and nurture skills.

  3. Provide structure to the organization by having an agenda for monthly meetings.

  4. Presides over monthly meetings

  5. Serve as a link to the community and a spokesperson for the organization and Physician Assistant profession.

  6. Work with PSG360 to manage website and Gsuite Account; monitor and keep google drive up to date.

  7. Work with Adpro to manage biannual WNYPAA Store

  8. Help other BOD’s to coordinate events, Food Drive, Adopt a Family, Salary Survey, CME event, and monthly Dinner Meetings

  9. Add Dinners to Website and Facebook, update contact information and BOD information. 

  10. Answer member questions regarding the website/memberships. 

  11. Update active member list to google drive quartley.

  12. Perform analysis of Salary Survery and recruit local NP's and other PA's whom are not members to participate. 

  13. Post paid job advertisements to WNYPAA website

  14. Sites to sign up for automatic emails of current news:

    1. www.health.state.ny.us

    2. www.aapa.org

    3. www.nysspa.com

    4. www.independenthealth.com

    5. www.bcbswny.com

    6. www.univerahealth.com

    7. www.cms.org



Vice President:

  1. Provide structure to the organization by assisting the President with monthly meeting agendas.

  2. Assists the President with announcements at monthly meetings.

  3. Recruit new members to leadership roles and nurture skills.

  4. Assists the President with community events as listed above.

  5. Assist President to encourage dual membership with NYSSPA.

  6. Secure venues and sponsors for monthly meetings, send out invite to members using Mail Chimp, and keeps RSVPs.

  7. Assist President to make sure attendees are up to date members.

  8. Help to keep google docs up to date with contact information of contacts and potential speakers/sponsors



  1. Deposit/Withdraw funds for use of the organization only

  2. Keep expense reporting for yearly spending in excel spreadsheet that is to be published monthly on google drive

  3. Monitor Stripe

  4. Maintain tax exemption requirements for NYS and file 990. 

  5. Assist CME director in payment for CME event

  6. Provide and keep track or reimbursements


CME Director:

  1. Plans and makes arrangements for yearly WNYPAA CME event

  2. Communicates with pharmaceutical companies for event display

  3. Keeps a spreadsheet of event attendance/costs and maintains organized google docs folder


Student Members at Large:

  1. A Physician Assistant student that represents their third year class at Daemen, D’Youville Colleges, and Canisius College.

  2. Attend two WNYPAA meetings per semester and relay announcements to respective PA classes.

  3. Encourage student membership in the organization

  4. Post interesting/up to date articles and polls to facebook page once weekly (min). These articles should also be emailed to VP so that it can be posted to website.

  5. Take and post group photos from monthly meetings on the facebook page. 

  6. Perform any duties assigned by the President


All Members are to assist in:

1. Serve as voting members of the board 

2. Keep up to date on national and state issues regarding PA reimbursement issues (Being member of NYSSPA and AAPA are beneficial) and posts interesting articles to the website/facebook/instagram

3. Assist in Scholarship Award Evaluations